Friday, November 4, 2022

NaNoWriMo 2022, Day 3: 11,682 words

Today we had another Barnes & Noble write-in, another three hours spent in a random corner of the cafe.  Once again, just one other person showed up, for a grand total of three.

I don't know what exactly happened, but I hit my stride with what I've been writing - and in a major way.  In addition to staying up late last night to write, I wrote a whopping 8,666 words today, for a grand total of 11,682.

I remember when I realized I was going to hit 10k tonight.  And then I wrote two more thousand.

A great deal of it was writing some of Ruby's backstory, a story I always wanted to tell but hadn't yet.  I finished that tonight, and need to get back to work on revising and rewriting - something I'm sure will come a lot slower.

I'm excited for this progress!  It might be one of my best starts at NaNoWriMo ever.

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