Where do the images on your blog come from?

When I was in the beginning stages of writing Ruby Ransome and Pandora's Box, I got the idea to look for old pictures of flappers as inspiration for my characters.  During my search, I ran across several old French postcards of couples in various romantic — and often risque — poses.  It occurred to me that with the addition of some fangs and blood, these couples could easily have come from Ruby Ransome's world.

With the help of FrenchKissed, I found lots of great scans of original 1920s postcards.  Some of them were perfect for covers, as I felt they captured the right balance between sexy and sinister.  I also found a couple that immediately made me think of my narrator, Ruby, and her best friend and roommate, Genevieve.  It's an amazing experience to see your character "for real," and not just in your own head!

A million thanks to Trishia (FrenchKissed) for sending me tons of proof sheets to go through, and lovingly scanning and touching up her beautiful post cards for me to use on my blog and on my books' covers!


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