Monday, November 7, 2022

NaNoWriMo 2022, Day 6: 19,666 words

Today was another really good day, although still not as good as my big day on Thursday.  Today I finished revising not just one, but TWO scenes, which put me at 19,666 words.

I did miss a write-in today, which I'm disappointed about.  I accepted a babysitting job for today a little while back, even though I knew at the time that it would conflict with one of my main write-ins.  It was worth it for a little extra money though, and my husband covered my write-in for me.

And fortunately, it didn't mean I wasn't able to work on my novel.  The kiddo I was watching is actually pretty self-sufficient now, so while she read I worked on my novel a little.  I finished up one scene while I was there, and the second once I got home.

I'm now through the bulk of the early scenes I just wanted to revise.  Tomorrow I'll start on the sections that need to be majorly rewritten.  I'm debating on how to do this stage, but I'm thinking I'll read through my previous iterations of the scene again, determine what I want or need to happen differently, pull any segments I want to keep (if there are any), and then just rewrite without looking at the old material.

Doing this overhaul of Ruby's first book is a new world for me!  I've never before done such an extensive revising and rewriting project.  I am pleased with how it's going so far, though!

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