Sunday, November 13, 2022

NaNoWriMo 2022, Day 12: 23,741

As I mentioned in the last post, I went into this weekend hoping it would provide a chance for a big word count day and some catch-up.  So far it has not provided that, although we'll be leaving for a write-in soon, so who knows.  Maybe tonight will be the night!

I ended yesterday with 23,741 words.  We went to a write-in at a coffee shop in the morning (or early afternoon), but it was the noisy one, and this weekend wasn't much better.  We did sit at a separate table instead of joining the big communal table, so that helped, but they still tried to engage us in conversation, which was frustrating.  We didn't end up staying at that write-in very long, either, as we had a lot to do yesterday.

It was enough to get a few hundred words written, though, and I wrote a tiny bit more later in the evening, too.  I do need a nice extended period of time where I can really hit my stride and pound out a couple thousand words, though.

We'll see if tonight's write-in will give me that.  It's a three-hour write in, so theoretically it should.  However, my husband tells me (as he was there last week when I couldn't make it due to babysitting) that some of the same people go to that one as the Saturday morning coffee shop write-in.  I may need to encourage people to do writing sprints so that people (like me) can actually get some work done.

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