Tuesday, November 29, 2022

NaNoWriMo 2022, Day 28: 49,044 words

I guess I accidentally missed a day of updating, which makes the jump look more impressive than it is.  On Sunday I wrote just under 1,200 words, and yesterday I wrote just under 300, so I definitely felt like my progress was flagging yesterday.

Several things were going on yesterday that caused my progress to slow.  One, my dad's girlfriend went into the hospital, and isn't expected to make it.  So I spent a lot of my afternoon helping my dad and visiting her in the hospital.

The other thing was that I got some last-minute writing work, and started on that.  I meant to only work on it for a little bit, but I ended up getting caught up in it and worked quite late last night.

So all in all, I really didn't work much on Ruby last night.  But I'm hoping to get some more done today, especially since I am less than a thousand words away from 50k!

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