Saturday, November 5, 2022

NaNoWriMo 2022, Day 4: 12,798 words

Today wasn't the fantastically prolific day that yesterday was, but I ended up having much less time to write today.  I woke up late, we had errands to run, and we had two events to go to in the evening.  The first event was a write-in, but a shorter one than the others we've been to, and we ate dinner there too (it was at Panera) so there was less writing overall.  The second event was just meeting up with friends.

But I'm pleased with what I got done.  I revised one scene and got partway into revising another scene.  After this, there are a few more scenes that need to be revised, but a whole lot that need to be fully rewritten to match my new plans for the story line.

But most importantly, I think I got the second scene in the book where I want it.  It only needed a little more tweaking, but it's there now, I think.  And the third scene is well on its way.

At that point, I'll have three polished opening scenes, and a whole lot to rewrite and revise and polish before I get to several pivotal scenes later in the book.  Many of the pivotal scenes just need to be revised, although some of it still needs to be significantly rewritten.

It's all coming together, though, and I'm enjoying the process of seeing it take shape!

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