Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hit the ground... walking?

I'm off to a bit of a slow start on NaNo, I'm afraid.  I worked on revisions for a little while yesterday, and actually did manage to flip a page, so I awarded myself a measly 250 words for my Camp word count.  Today probably won't be much better, as I am probably going to be quite busy, between my riding lesson and work.  The rest of the week will be better though, since I'm less heavily scheduled tomorrow, off Thursday, and going to a write-in Friday evening.  The weekend should give me some time, too, and then next week I'll be on my "staycation" the entire week.

I have big plans for next week.  I have a lot of other, mostly administrative, tasks to do for my freelancing business, things that I've been putting off for months -- filing, income and expense tracking, website updates and overhauls, and the like.  I also desperately need to clean my desk, and I plan to spend at least some time that week at the barn, probably going for some trail rides.  But the bulk of my goals are to get a big chunk of revisions done -- basically, to treat my novel like a full-time (or nearly so) job all week.

I've set my word count goal for the month at 40k, which is essentially 160 pages, or 5 pages a day -- pretty doable.  I have 284 pages to actually revise, plus scenes to write and rewrite, so obviously 40k won't get me through the entire thing, but if I can get a lot done next week I might be able to finish the novel this month after all -- or at least nearly so.

It's exciting to be so close to completion.  Sure, I have a stack of revisions to make two inches high, not to mention a ton of research and new writing/rewriting to do, but I feel like the novel is coming into its own, and it's a very exciting feeling!

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