Monday, July 1, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo stuff

I've updated the progress bar in the sidebar to reflect the fact that I am now making the revisions in the electronic file, since I've finished marking the changes on the physical manuscript.  I also added another Camp NaNo badge to the sidebar -- in April I used the yellow badges, so I'm using the turquoise ones for July to differentiate.  I've also corrected the links on both badges, so that the connect to the correct month's stats/novel, and I've included a link in the "Current Progress" section that links to July's stats page on the NaNo site.

The progress sidebar will reflect my overall progress in the novel, so if you want to see how I'm doing on my NaNo goals, just click on that link.  Remember, though, that I have to convert pages revised into a word count for Camp NaNo's purposes, so I'm multiplying the number of pages revised by 250, and then adding the word count for any brand-new or totally rewritten scenes during the month.

I will also update here regularly, so stay tuned to hear the latest news on Ruby Ransome and Pandora's Box!

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