Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo, week 2

My progress on my novel this month has been a little shaky, I'm afraid.  I've worked on it most days -- every day this month so far except for Tuesday the 2nd and Sunday the 7th, both very busy days for me -- but it has been relatively slow going.  I made lots of notes in these early pages to research things like my settings, and since I am trying to resolve everything on a page before turning to the next one, it is taking me some time to get through some of these pages.

The good new is that Camp NaNo had a suggestion for counting research that is allowing me to add to my word count even when that's what I'm doing: 1,000 words per hour of research.  I haven't counted all my hours of research, since sometimes I am not very focused or my research isn't very successful, but I've awarded myself a couple hours here and there, which has helped my word count on days where that's mostly what I do.

Hopefully pretty soon I will get through these major research issues and be able to start making the changes with fewer interruptions -- once that happens, I think I will start making much faster progress!

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