Monday, July 1, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo begins!

The second session of Camp NaNoWriMo begins today!  Normally I like to begin work as soon as the clock turns midnight, but I was very tired last night and had to get up early today, so I decided to wait until this afternoon, after work, to start.

Work has been going fairly well on making the revisions so far.  It just is more time consuming than I expected, and as a result, I am only on page 7.  One thing that is slowing me down is that when I marked revisions, I mostly focused on the writing, and only marked the places where I needed to do more research.  It was a good decision, because it enabled me to keep reading and not lose the flow of the novel (except for that long break I took to read several Victorian vampire novels), but it also means that I have a lot to fix now.  I try to resolve everything I've marked on a page before I move on to the next one, too, so the end result is that some days I don't actually make it to the next page.  It makes it look on my progress bar like I'm not actually getting any work done, even though I am.

I worked for about 6 hours on Saturday, for example, but a huge part of what I was doing was researching a real-life 1920s speakeasy and a nearby apartment building -- both are providing inspiration for settings used in the novel.

And now I think it's past time I got started -- NaNo is calling my name!

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