Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victor's unveiling

Here it is!  At long last, Victor is revealing his face to Ruby and the world!

Victor was a tricky one, the trickiest of all my characters to find an accurate representation of.  All of the guys in the old tinted postcards I was finding looked rather effeminate and not at all like how I pictured my star vampire.  Ruby wouldn't fall in love with a dandy, that much I know.

Ultimately, Victor came in the form of an actual photo from the era, rather than one of the tinted photo postcards I've used for all my other characters.  This meant that I had to add a little color on my own (it's subtle — can you tell where?).  It also means that I have the original photo up on my bulletin board.  Yes, Victor is staring me in the face as I write this. Love that intense stare and that faintly amused quirk to the lips — that's Victor to a T!

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