Friday, November 25, 2011

Restoring my rapidly narrowing lead

I've had an impossibly busy week, and as a result, not a lot of time to work on my novel.  As a result, there have been several days when I've not had a chance to write at all, and several others where I've failed to meet NaNoWriMo's daily minimum goal (1,667 words).  You'll see it when you look at my calendar widget in the sidebar (which is working again) — whereas it used to be almost all green squares and just one yellow (which means I wrote some but not enough), now there are 7 yellow squares and 3 red squares (which mean no writing at all).

One of those yellow squares is today's, however, and I plan to change its color to green before the day is out.  Our 24-hour write-in for the weekend was canceled, which is too bad because I and a lot of others were really looking forward to it.  Tonight, however, is the last of the Friday write-ins I've been going to at our local 24-hour used bookstore and coffee shop.  I plan on staying extra late and trying to recover some of my rapidly narrowing lead: Whereas I did at one time have a 5-day lead, right now I'm only about a day ahead, and that's only because I've already written 1,000 words or so today.

My word count goal for the day is 4,000 words — I'm already a quarter of the way there, but cross your fingers that I'll make it the rest of the way tonight!

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