Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you have time to write on weekends?

This weekend was a moderately successful one for me.  A lot of wrimos try to achieve astronomical word counts during this first weekend, but I was just trying to maintain a steady pace.  My Saturdays are ridiculously busy right now, so I suspected I wouldn't have time to work on my novel that day, and a lot of Sunday was spent on day-off kinds of things: sleeping in, hanging out at the bookstore drinking coffee, riding my horse, and watching a little TV.

Friday was my phenomenally productive day.  With the help of a write-in, my first-ever win at a word war, and a really late night, I pounded out 4,105 words before I went to bed.  Almost half of those — 1,798 — were written and updated to my profile after midnight, though, so they counted for Saturday instead of Friday.

Which was actually good, since — as I'd expected — I didn't have time to write on Saturday.  The timing makes it look on my graph like I did, though, which I like!

Sunday I didn't get around to writing until late in the evening, and then I only wrote 1,871 words, which means I didn't achieve my normal daily goal of 2,000 words either day this weekend.  That's all right, though — with 15,227 words in November, I'm still cookin' with a 2-day lead!

I updated my total word count in the sidebar, but so far NaNoWriMo hasn't yet rolled out the word count widgets this year.  When they do, I'll add my favorite widget, which is a mini-calender that will show green squares on days when I achieved the minimum (1,667 words), and red squares when I didn't.  So far I won't have a single red square on my widget!  Awesome!

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