Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exciting news!

I'm just back after a weekend of nothing.  I didn't write either Saturday or Sunday, but I did finally sit down tonight and add 2,818 words to my novel.  I am at a critical point in the story and needed to hurry up and write some more to keep the momentum going.

I am fast approaching the climax now, and will have to figure out how exactly that is going to go.  I have a general idea, but hadn't yet decided on the specifics.  I think I came up with a few good ideas tonight.  My ideas for the next book are gelling as I get further along in the story, too, and I may actually be able to start writing that one right away when I finish my first draft of Ruby Ransome and Pandora's Box.  I'll decide then whether or not I need a break from Ruby's world for a little while, or whether I am ready to jump right into the next novel.

My biggest news, however, is that I am finally ready to unveil Victor!  I was waiting for the photograph to arrive, and it is finally here.  So now you all get to see what I picture when I imagine my heroine's vampire heartthrob!

I will post his photo tomorrow!

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