Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goals for 2023

I'm not usually big on making New Year's resolutions, but after years of not making any at all, I'm finding that I do actually have some goals for this year, and some of them are to do with Ruby.

As I've mentioned before, my goal for 2023 is to get Ruby Ransome and Pandora's Box published.  I'm planning on self-publishing, so I know I have some work ahead of me.  My goal is to get the draft I'm currently working on done in January.  I'm a fan of letting the draft sit for a little bit before doing revisions, so I'm planning on working on something else in February - probably the cover.  If all goes well, in March I'll do revisions, and hopefully that'll be the last round of revisions before passing the book to beta readers.  After that, I'll do a final round of revisions based on feedback, and possibly have a round of professional editing done before self-publishing the book.

During all this, once I have a cover ready, I plan to start doing some marketing.  I also want to do some research and figure out a game plan for publishing and marketing, including what platforms I want to publish on.

At the same time, I'll need to start working on the next installments of the series.  It's my goal to get several standalone short stories published over the summer, followed by the second book in the fall, and a Christmas novella in time for the holidays.  This is a pretty ambitious schedule (although thankfully the short stories are already written and just need some revisions and polishing) so I'll need to keep up with the daily writing.  And editing, and marketing, and publishing...

It's promising to be a busy year, but I'm also so excited for all of it!

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