Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Silly me, I thought having a beautiful, fast new laptop would get me to write more!  In fact, it has been a major distraction, though perhaps not in a bad way.

I've spent most of this week so far...  Well, hold that thought a minute, I haven't actually had that much time to work.  But with what time I have had, I have spent a lot of it setting up my computer.  And that is taking a LONG time.  I have peripherals and software to check and try to set up, for one thing -- both my printer and my scanner wouldn't run on the new computer, so today I set up a wireless printer/scanner that a friend gave us some time back.  The ink cartridges will need to be replaced, but it's a pretty slick wireless machine, so I am excited.

(Unfortunately, I suspect it won't be so good for printing novel manuscripts.  The reason I love my old printer so much is because it prints a lot of pages quickly and cheaply -- the ink is cheap, and it doesn't go through it terribly fast.  Perfect for printing manuscripts.)

Anyway, that is an example of just one of the things that is keeping me away from my novel this week.  Another is that I downloaded Thunderbird and have been going through over a year's worth of emails: When my netbook's hard drive crashed last summer, I never set Outlook back up on my computer, and I haven't exactly been keeping on top of my inboxes...  So I have a lot to go through.

I also am planning on cleaning my desk -- it has been quite a while since I've done so, and let me tell you...  It shows.  Once I finish with some admin things like this, though, I will get back to work on the novel's revisions.  After all, I desperately want to be finished with this round of revisions before November, so I can start a new novel for NaNoWriMo!

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