Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The month of August (and, really, the last half of the month of July) has so far been filled with setbacks.  After my computer was dropped in July, it went into the shop, where it resided for almost a week.  I generally refused to work on my netbook, although I did get a little bit done here and there.  Shortly after I got my computer back, my iPhone decided it was its turn to go on the fritz, and mysteriously deleted all of my contacts.  I had to restore the phone to the last update on my computer in order to fix the problem, but in order to do that, I first had to clear enough room on my very full hard drive for iTunes to create a fresh backup of my misbehaving phone.

That took about a week to get straightened out, seeing as how I didn't have a lot of time to work on it -- I had a very busy week in general last week (one of my horses was getting injured mysteriously, so I was spending a lot of time driving to the barn and cleaning out wounds on top of my already busy schedule).

And of course, the minute I fixed my iPhone, my computer started having issues.  It would hardly load the Internet at all, let alone Scrivener, which seems to really bog down the processor.  I did some troubleshooting over several days -- virus scans, System Restore, uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, etc. -- but nothing worked, so I ultimately had to recover the entire computer to factory settings (my Averatec doesn't have installation CDs, just a partition on the hard drive that restores the original system).  That meant a lot of backing up, waiting for the recovery to finish, and reinstalling my files and software (all of the last not being quite finished yet -- only the most important software is installed).

I'm finally up and running like normal again, though, and since I also go back to my reduced school year hours next week, I am anticipating I'll have the time then to get back to work on research and revisions!

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