Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to revisions!

Toward the end of last week, I FINALLY finished the research I was working on and got back to making revisions in the electronic file.  This is a big deal because just like when I got sidetracked with reading Victorian vampire literature, I'd gone off on a tangent that was keeping me from progressing on my novel... but I felt like I couldn't continue until I finished my research, lest I just have to go back and do more rewrites when I found through my research that I'd gotten something wrong.

So I'm back on track with revisions, but currently I am writing a brand-new scene -- there are several throughout that I will be adding as I work my way through the manuscript, things I left out of the first draft, either because I was stuck on the scene or because I didn't realize until I finished the novel and had the big picture, not just of the first novel but of the next few in the series.

Anyway, I've updated the progress meter in the sidebar, but I anticipate the count will stay on page 22 for a short while, since I have to finish writing the new scene before I move on to making revisions on the next.  Still...  Progress!  My goal is to finish this round of revisions -- totally, completely finish them -- before NaNo starts in November (less than two months away!).  I can't afford not to be making progress, at this point!

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