Monday, June 3, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo: Time to sign up for July!

Today the Camp NaNoWriMo website reset, and signup is starting for July's session.  I've set up my novel information with a cover image and a brief synopsis, which you can see on my July 2013 novel page.

I was somewhat disappointed to find out that despite the survey they did after the April session, we won't have the flexibility to set and keep track of page counts instead of word counts this month, after all.  I was really counting on that, since I'll be finishing up revisions in July.  Instead, they gave us the ability to go back and edit our daily word count totals (a feature they introduced on the regular NaNo site last November, so I don't know why it wasn't already set up that way for April).

I think I can still manage to keep track of my revisions progress.  I think what I'll do is assign a word count to every page -- usually I think a double-space page is supposed to have 250 words on it -- so that I can still track my progress by the number of pages.  I'll have finished marking revisions on the physical manuscript by then, so I'll just be counting the number of pages I change, plus the word count for whatever new scenes I write.  My current goal is set at 80k, because that is the length of the novel currently, but that will change based on how far I get into making the changes before July 1st.

If I get, say, 50 pages into making changes before July 1st, I will subtract 12,500 from the word count of the novel (assuming 250 words per page), making my word count goal 67,500.  I may also add 5k or 10k to that for additional scenes I write throughout the month (since I know there will be quite a few).  It'll look like a big word count, but since most of the work will just be inputting changes I've already marked, it will go a lot faster than writing from scratch.

I'm really looking forward to getting through the revisions by the end of July, so wish me luck this month and next!

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