Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's resolutions

Unfortunately, my goal from mid-December -- of finishing the Ruby Ransome novel I am currently working on before the end of the year -- did not pan out.  I hardly even worked on the novel after that point.  I need a kick start to get me going again, and I'm hoping my New Year's resolutions will do just that.

I don't usually take New Year's resolutions very seriously, because I know they rarely ever work.  Last year I didn't even make any very big resolutions -- instead, I made a reading list of five classics I wanted to read before the end of the year, and even that didn't happen.  (This year I've increased that to seven -- why I think I can read seven when I couldn't read five, I don't know, but perhaps part of the problem was waiting too long to start.  Throughout the year I kept thinking, "I still have plenty of time!"  And you can see where that got me.)

In any case, on my main writing blog, I have a post about my resolutions for 2013.  (Yes, I am making some serious ones this year, although it's mainly just a list of things I plan to do anyway.)  I listed finishing and revising the first two novels of my Ruby Ransome series as the first item, but I suppose that ought to be listed out separately, as follows:

1. Finish the novel I'm currently working on.  I suppose I should start calling it Book 3, now, since I've realized there is a missing Book 2 (a novella) that I need to go back and write.

2. Finish revising Book 1.  There are some scenes that need major overhauls, and a few that need to be written in the first place (I realized I'd overlooked them when I went through and did the basic revisions).

3. Revise Book 3.  Once it's had some time to set, I should go back and revise.

Oh, wait!  There is Book 2 still to think about.  So let's revise that list:

1. Finish Book 3.  I'm so close to the end, and for continuity's sake I just want to finish writing it.

2. Finish revising Book 1.  This one comes first, so I really need to get it a little better squared away before moving on to anything else.

3. Write Book 2.  It's just a novella; it won't take as long as the others.  Right?  But in any case, it comes next and needs to be written before I move on to revisions of Book 3.

4. Take a break and work on another project.  I actually do have several other projects I want to work on...

5. Revise Book 2.  Once it's had a little time to sit.

6. Revise Book 3.  By this point, I should know enough of what's going on with the other two to revise this one without having to make tons of changes to it later on.

Whew.  This is starting to look more like a to-do list than a list of resolutions!  But that's the general order of things that I have in mind.

A friend of mine on Facebook had a great idea: using an app to keep track of New Year's resolutions.  I wonder if there are any out there that can help me keep track of mine?

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