Monday, January 7, 2013

Almost done!

I just updated my side bar word count meter to reflect my work over the weekend.  I wrote nearly 6k over the weekend: 3,500 words on Saturday and 2,400 words on Sunday.  Considering I've been stalled since the end of November, I'm pretty pleased with that chunk of progress.

What it means, though, is that I'm nearing on the end of the novel.  And as the road way out ahead of you becomes clearer as you get closer, so is the end of the novel.  I can now pinpoint four or five exact scenes that have to happen before I can end the novel, and they are so clear I can see them when I close my eyes.  I can feel where the novel is going before it ends.

Of course, the beauty of a series is that it may be the end of the novel, but it's not The End.  There is plenty more to come after.

First, though, I have to finish the first novel.  I've done some minor revisions, but my next task will be the major rewrites and revisions (and a few new scenes that need to be written from scratch) that I identified over the summer.  Next it's on to the novella (Book 2), and then revisions on the one I'm working on now (Book 3).

I'll get there yet!

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