Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rough start back to school, and an upcoming surprise...

The kids I nanny for are back in school now, and have been for a month, but my life has thrown one obstacle after another in the way of me getting settled back into a freelancing and writing schedule during the day while they're at school.  The latest was that I was very sick for the past week.  I got sick last Monday night, and was virtually unconscious for the next 36 hours.  Although I went back to work on Wednesday and Thursday, I was still very sick up until Saturday, and spent the weekend resting and recovering.

So this week is really the first opportunity I've had to settle in to my new writing schedule, and so far I'm still struggling a bit with my sleep schedule -- I'm still recovering from being sick and sleeping a lot, but I'm trying to get that under control.  Although I'm not sure I will get back to work on my novel this week -- the current project being still finishing last year's NaNo novel -- I am hoping to get to work on it next week, at the latest.

I also have a surprise upcoming for 1920s costuming aficionados -- stay tuned for more news and pictures!

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