Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dressed up in my glad rags

Are you ready for the surprise I told you I had for you?

 Today I got to dress up in one of my Roaring Twenties costumes, which made me very happy.  A guy friend of mine invited me to a 1920s-themed lunch at the retirement center where he works, and of course I had lots of fun dressing up -- and making him dress up, too, as much as possible with his limited wardrobe options.

I, on the other hand, have accumulated quite a bit of 1920s costuming items.  I have a couple of dresses, several tops, a skirt, a few wraps, a couple of scarfs and belts, a couple of hats, a couple of pairs of shoes, and various other things, like necklaces and headbands.  Most of what I have ranges from vintage to modern, but very little of it is actually from the 1920s.  I do, however, have two authentic 1920s handbags, of which I am very proud, and one wrap that I am fairly certain is also really from 1920s.

I'm always looking for more clothing items, too.  I've found a few things -- a purse, a wrap, a hat, and the cigarette case I use as a wallet -- at antique malls, but there is also a fantastic vintage clothing and costume store near my house where I've found much of it.  eBay can be a good source as well.  Thrift stores might be hit or miss, but I've been meaning to start checking them.  I'm getting to know 20s style well enough that I know what to look for, even with modern clothes.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, of course, and I'm planning on dressing up in 20s clothes again for the kickoff party -- like I did last year, except better, as I have a better wardrobe.  I can't wait!

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