Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting started on Camp NaNoWriMo (finally)

I am off work all this week -- except for my freelance work, of course -- so the plan is to get my articles out of the way and get to work on my novel at last.  And with eleven days left of Camp NaNoWriMo!  Better late than never, right?

I have some ideas I'm tossing around in my head as to how I want to handle the rest of the month, especially my word count goal.

One option is, of course, to totally revise my word count goal.  With eleven days left of camp,  I could just make my word count goal 10k or 11k.  Since I am counting an hour of revisions and timeline work as a thousand words, I could just plan on working on my novel an hour or so each day.

Part of me doesn't want to give in to that, though.  I'm thinking instead of trying to keep it at 30k, my current goal.  If I work on it three or four hours a day all this week, while I'm off (and presumably should have time, if I manage my time wisely), I would only need a couple hours a day this weekend and next week, when I'm working again, in order to meet my goal.

For now, until I decide whether that's a feasible plan, I am going to keep my 30k goal in place.  Let's see how today goes before I decide!

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