Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend catch-up

I never did get going on my novel again after my tax return marathon Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Although I was (surprisingly) not very tired on Tuesday after my three-hour nap late that morning, I was quite tired both Wednesday and Thursday.  It wasn't until Friday that I finally started feeling like myself, and I was too busy that day to work on my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo.

So I am hoping to do some catch-up work tonight and tomorrow.  We aren't really doing anything for Easter (although I might visit my horses and ride), so that will hopefully leave plenty of time for writing!

I am far, far behind my original goal, which was 30,000 words -- 1k a day, basically.  I currently have 5k on my Camp NaNo word count, but that was from the 1k a day that I was awarding myself for working on revisions and my timeline.

With April two-thirds of the way through, I have a decision to make: Should I reconsider and lower my word count goal (which you can do during Camp NaNo), or should I try to write extra to make up the difference?  At this point, I'd have to write a little over 2k a day in order to still reach my original goal -- and that's not counting all the revisions and timeline work I still want to finish first!  It seems unlikely that I can do all that in 12 days, and yet I still would like to finish this novel by April 30th.  I want to put it away for a while and work on revisions to Ruby Ransome.

Well, I'll see how tonight goes, I guess, and decide then!

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