Sunday, April 27, 2014

Revised word count goal

Before April began, I set my Camp NaNoWriMo goal at 30k words, which I felt at the time might be a little overly ambitious -- but decided to try it anyway.  I really wanted to finish this novel in April so I could get back to work on Ruby Ransome -- that was the main reason why I wanted to push myself so hard.

Unfortunately, then April happened.

The first week or so I was pretty good at working on my novel, even though I hadn't actually finished revising/outlining and was working on that instead of actual writing.  Then things got busy.  Taxes were the first thing to hit me, and boy did they take a lot of time!  I meant to catch up Easter weekend, but I was busier than I thought I'd be, and had some other things on my to-do list that were slightly more pressing.

Then, last weekend, some things in my personal life came up, and I've been so off-balance ever since that I haven't worked on my novel all week.  To make matters worse (or better?), my birthday was yesterday, so I was busy all day long.

Knowing there was no longer any way I'd achieve 30k, I cut my word count goal way down several days ago -- since I discovered last year that they don't let you change your word count in the last few days -- to 10k instead of 30k.  I don't think it's quitting, per se, as I still need to write 4k before the end of the month (or do four really good days of revision/outlining work), and it still forces me to get my butt back in gear before the end of the month.  Revising my goal just means I won't give up because I feel discouraged by being unable to catch up in the last few days.

I still intend to finish the novel and get back to work on Ruby Ransome, it'll just be in June and July instead of April.  I may plan on getting back to work on Pandora's Box revisions in the July session of Camp NaNo, instead of starting on writing a new novel (I'd originally planned on finishing revisions in May and June so that I could start a new novel in July).

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