Monday, March 31, 2014

Anomaly Con follow up

I got home from Anomaly Con last night, thoroughly exhausted but also extraordinarily motivated and inspired.  I took lots of notes this year -- in fact, I bought a little notebook just for that purpose -- and I intend to blog a little bit about the various panels we attended.  There were quite a few good ones this year -- more than last year, I thought, judging from how few breaks I had where there was nothing I was interested in -- so it should make for some good posts.

This year I only dressed up for one of the three days -- my friend and I dressed up as Wash and Zoe from Firefly.  We got a lot of compliments on our outfits, had people ask to take our picture a few times, and even found a Kaylee walking around the con as well!

I'd brought some 20s clothes to dress up in one of those days, but we were running late on Friday and I was too tired on Sunday, so I didn't end up ever dressing up in a 20s costume.  Plus I'd forgotten a hat or headband, and didn't feel like wrestling my hair into a shorter-looking style.  I did get a beautiful 20s or 30s purse at a costume shop a couple of weeks ago, which I am quite pleased with, and I saw a beautiful red 20s-style dress at the same shop that I might go back for.

I'm also thinking of getting a thigh/garter holster made for my Ruby costume, kind of like the custom one I imagine Ruby wearing.  I doubt I'll be able to find one like what I want, so I might have to make one or have one made for me.

Anomaly Con is so much fun -- I love dressing up, I love all the fandom merchandise you find in the dealer room, and I especially love spending a whole weekend listening to published authors give their advice!


  1. What a great way to market your book! Dress up like the main character, and then when people ask who you are, you can tell them about your book.



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