Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally -- progress!

On Wednesday I added nearly a thousand words to my novel, finishing the "missing chapter" and bringing my total word count to 102,193 (I've also updated the progress bar in the sidebar).  It was a nice feeling after not working on the novel for so long, and means that I am almost ready to start my major revisions and rewriting for Pandora's Box (I want to get this done before Camp NaNoWriMo starts in April).

I did, however, identify one more scene that has to be filled in before I set Book 3 aside for a little while -- a scene that became necessary when I changed the timeline around a little (also when the "missing chapter" became necessary).  I had already created a placeholder for the scene (just a blank document with a few notes in Scrivener), but I only realized I hadn't yet written anything for it when I finished the chapter on Wednesday.

Maybe I can get that scene written today -- it sounds like we might get snowed in tomorrow, which would make it a perfect day to start the work on Pandora's Box!

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