Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Please excuse the delay...

I will be getting back to the business of writing (and blogging) soon, but this week I'm grieving for my kitty, whom I had to put to sleep over the weekend.  It still seems surreal that she is gone.  You can read about her illness and her passing on her blog, which I first start writing back when she had fatty liver disease as a young cat.

I return to my school-year schedule at work on Monday -- just after school hours -- so I will have more time to write.  Less money on my paycheck will mean that I'll also have to make up the difference by freelancing, so I'll have more client writing work demanding my attention, but I am still hoping to make more time to work on my novel.

But this week is about getting over the loss of Cleo.  My sweet girl...  You will be missed.

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